Ductless Air Conditioning/Heat Pumps Repair & Installation in Langley

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South Fraser Heating & Cooling is a complete heating and cooling company that has installation, repair, and maintenance of HVAC systems for homes and commercial buildings in Langley for over a decade.

Mini-split heat pumps are a very efficient option to consider adding to your home or business. They deliver either heated or cool air in a room without associating any of the ductwork in your home. They can be added in most rooms so that you can offer different temperature in each rooms at the same time.

Whether you currently have a traditional heating and cooling system or require an air conditioning system for the first time – we can repair, install, and maintain it for you.

Importance of proper installation and repair of Heat Pump

If you have noticed that your heat pump no longer blows hot or cold air, or if it produces certain sounds, then it is due for repair. All technicians are certified and well trained with the procedures required in handling heat pumps from different manufacturers. In case of a problem, we are able to identify it and quickly fix or change the appropriate part to ensure the system is back up and running as intended.

Quality parts ensures that the appliance lasts longer and is used exclusively in our appliances. The repair work is also completed with a money-back guarantee as our guarantee to the customer.

Our service includes a complete cycle, starting from the first sketch till the final work. It is also a point to note that our prices are relatively equal to the market average and come with a ten-year labor parts and compressor warranty.

Langley's Best Ductless Air Conditioning

Mini-split or ductless split air conditioning systems are beneficial when the building has no ducts installed.

In this process, we are able to establish the required capacity and configuration of a mini-split system for your application. . We are factory-authorized contractors for some of the popular mini-split brands including Trane, John Woods, and Noritz and many other manufacturers.

Affordable Ductless Heat Pumps in Langley

Another type of ductless system that we offer is the cooling and heating ductless systems, including the ductless heat pumps. These systems provide very efficient heating and cooling out of one outside unit that is used.

Here is an excellent opportunity to explain how you can make ductless heat pumps the perfect comfort system for your Langley home throughout the year! Due to specific features, it is possible to adjust the sizes and configurations to fit the client's requirements and financial capabilities.

Heat Pump Rebates for Homeowners in Langley

To lower the price of a fresh heat pump even further, you should not forget about current rebates and bonuses. Here, we do everything to assist homeowners to get all the possible savings.

Several models use variable speed compressors that avoid an on/off cycle which is great for maximising heating/cooling a room, saving your money on energy consumption.

Manufacturers who deal with heat pumps often have different rebates depending on the time of the year. To keep things on the right side of legal, we make sure you get all the discounts you are entitled to.

For more information concerning the current rebate allowance and the requirements for it, please talk to South Fraser Heating & Cooling.

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