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Eco-Friendly Heating & Cooling Solutions in Langley

Quality Home Heating & Cooling in Langley by South Fraser Heating & Cooling

South Fraser Heating & Cooling has been offering professional HVAC services to households and other establishments within Langley for over 14 years. Since we are a local business, our focus is on the needs of each unique area and the services that will be needed to keep your home comfortable.

Heating Experts in Langley: Services and benefits

South Fraser Heating & Cooling is a company that offers reliable furnace repair and installation services. A furnace that will not only get you through the winter in the comfort of your home but will keep safety in mind at all times.

South Fraser Heating & Cooling is staffed by certified technicians who can discern the root of furnace problems and fix them expertly. We are capable of working on any kind of furnace that you might have and also offering furnace replacement services when necessary. Our high-quality technicians will ensure that your new furnace is installed safely and code-compliant to provide extended and efficient use for your new furnace.

Efficient for Summer Cooling

Summers in Lower Mainland can be unbearable, to say the least. At South Fraser Heating and Cooling, we will cool you, however. This is because we offer professional AC tune-ups as well as repairs that increase efficiency and length of operation For those who need to replace an older or faulty air conditioner, we offer prompt installation of new air conditioners or heat pumps. We’ll get your new cooling system installed and we’ll size it correctly for your Langley home and make sure that it’s running at maximum efficiency.

Complete HVAC Services in Langley

In addition to furnace and AC solutions, South Fraser Heating & Cooling also provides:

  • Heat Pump.
  • Building and construction
  • Home humidification and de-humidification.
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Maintenance plans
  • Indoor Air Quality Services

We deliver the full line of HVAC products, allowing us to tailor the services to the customer’s needs for home heating and cooling.

Choosing the right HVAC service provider

Trust South Fraser Heating & Cooling to provide you with expert, certified technicians with the experience and the passion for truly helping our Langley community. We cherish trustworthiness, openness, and ethics referring to customers. Technicians are well trained and updated regularly to ensure that they stay abreast of changes in the machines used as well as the best practices for the industry.

Affordable HVAC Services

It is possible to save money on home heating and cooling systems without neglecting the systems. Our customers can be assured of the best prices – no hidden fees. We also offer help in finances to customers so that they can be able to do needed repairs and replacements.

We are your local HVAC company, so it doesn’t take long for our technicians to get to and from any jobs and that saves us time in the field to complete more jobs in less time without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. Tell us about the specific ways we can update our energy efficiency and get additional incentives from local utilities to lower your energy bills.


With service technicians based throughout the Lower Mainland area, South Fraser Heating & Cooling is able to quickly respond to your service call , no matter where you are located in the region. Our friendly technicians regularly attend training programs, upgrading their skills and learning about new products, so when you call our team, they can repair or service your system quickly and efficiently.

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Whether you are installing a system in a new home or replacing an existing heating or cooling system, South Fraser Heating & Cooling is here to help. We offer industry leading products with industry leading warranties. Our staff are trained to identify your needs and get you the best heating or air conditioning system for your home and lifestyle.

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