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Air Conditioning

As the name itself indicates, our Trane Air Conditioners are of A+ quality.

Trane is an established world leader in providing high-quality heating and air conditioning services and solutions for more than a century.

With Trane, you can rest assured that you will get the five-star, energy-saving and quiet Air Conditioners that will ensure the air inside your home is clean, comfortable and refreshing.

Recommended AC Models:


The hottest days are no match for the XR17 with a SEER of up to 18.0. You’ll enjoy long life and incredible reliability thanks to the legendary Two-Stage Climatuff ® compressor and patented, leak-and corrosion- resistant Spine Fin™ coil. Installed as part of a qualifying system, most models are ENERGY STAR® qualified.


With a SEER of up to 17.0, the XR16 keeps you comfortable and energy efficient. The legendary Climatuff ® compressor and patented, leak-and-corrosion-resistant Spine Fin™ coil deliver years of trouble-free comfort. When installed as part of a qualifying system, most models are even ENERGY STAR® qualified.

XR13 / XR14

A SEER of up to 15.5 means you’ll stay cool in the blazing sun, while still using energy wisely. With the reliable combination of Trane’s Climatuff ® compressor and all-aluminum Spine Fin™ coil, you’ll enjoy your comfort for years to come.


Whether it’s hot or mild, the Trane XL18i offers flexible family comfort. With two-stage cooling, your home will beat the heat, even in rooms that have proven to be hard to cool in the past. The XL18i’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of up to 18.0 makes it an energy efficient choice for all home comfort.


The XV20i True Comfort Variable Speed unit is one of the industry’s most efficient variable speed air conditioners. Even on the hottest days, it cools your home with precision, keeping you comfortable throughout the day. The XV20i air conditioner is one of the industry’s most efficient systems, with ratings up to 22 SEER. With Trane TruComfort™ technology, the 22-SEER air conditioner automatically adjusts itself while maintaining constant and consistent speeds to avoid temperature swings.

Trane XR Air Conditioners: Built for Reliability Through and Through

The two hardest-working components in every air conditioner are the compressor and the coil. So needless to say, they have to be dependable. The Climatuff® compressor you’ll find at the heart of every Trane XR air conditioner is a marvel of reliability, known throughout the industry for providing years of trouble-free comfort. Designed for long lasting performance, the Climatuff has been tested in some of the worst conditions possible, to make sure it’s tough enough to wear the Climatuff name.

The other half of the comfort equation is Trane’s allaluminum Spine Fin™ coil. Unlike traditional copper and aluminum coils, the Spine Fin coil is highly resistant to corrosion and leaks, yet still extremely efficient at transferring heat. Together, your Climatuff compressor and Spine Fin coil will provide you with years of trouble-free comfort in even the worst weather.

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